In January 1961, a year before the official start of Faith Church, the first worship service was held in the Medford Community Center on Main Street. The following September, worship services were transferred to the auditorium of Haines School, next door to our present site.

It was on November 11, 1962 that 119 people gathered around the Communion Table to sign the covenant that would bind them together as a church. Representatives from the presbytery met with the Medford worshippers to officially charter us as a new church.

FaithChurchInteriorThe design for the unusual new building was presented in November 1964 and enthusiastically accepted. On Palm Sunday in 1965, the groundbreaking for the building in the cornfield on Stokes Road began.

The church design has theological meaning with an interior that is faithful to early Christian tradition. The main space, the sanctuary, is created as one large room. The Communion Table is located in the center of the congregation. At one end of the table is the Baptismal Font and at the other end is the Pulpit. The skylight allows the light of heaven to enter the church and speaks of the transcendence of God. 

The new building was dedicated by an overflow crowd of worshippers on Palm Sunday, 1966.

Faith was chosen as our name as it is one of the greatest terms in the Christian vocabulary.

Over the years, through Faith Church, many hundreds of people have participated in God's mission to this region. We think of our building as the place where we gather to worship to be equipped for our witness and service in all the neighborhoods, schools and work places where God sends us throughout the week. Our missions and ministries are both near and far, including outreach to neighboring communities in Philadelphia, Camden, Burlington County and Atlantic City, as well as service projects across the United States and missions abroad such as our support for missionaries in Central Asia.

For more on our current missions and activities, visit our Missions and Facebook pages.



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